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MVON# runs MultiValue applications in Microsofts .NET on Windows or Linux, and works with a DBMS of your choice, with SQL Server as the most common choice today. A MultiValue-specific p-machine and DBMS are no longer in the picture. It is you, your application, and Microsoft, with other options for the DBMS vendor, if preferred. MVON# was introduced in 2014 in South Africa and is now available worldwide. Because MVON# transpiles code to C#, interoperability issues typical of MV applications go away. .NET handles critical functions, such as memory management and device porting, while achieving exceptional performance with SQL Server. In addition to being secure and reliable with high availability, applications running in .NET with MVON# are horizontally scalable. Applications written in System Builder can also run in .NET with SQL Server using MVON# Netbuilder.


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