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MultiValue Tools, Software, and Business Applications

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Oracle Gateway is a member of the Open System File Interface (OSFI) family of products. It allows D3 to read, write and select Oracle databases as if they were part of the D3 file system. D3 sees the Oracle database as D3 accounts, files and items. This driver creates a transparent transport mechanism between D3 and Oracle. Accessing Oracle data becomes as easy as accessing D3 data.

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OpenDB is a stand-alone Windows application that provides access to ODBC-compliant databases from the D3 environment. Once the connection is established between D3 and the remote database server, D3 is able to read, write and select data from the RDBMS as if it were a part of D3.

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Middleware with ODBC capabilities providing end-users and developers tools to integrate their legacy applications into Windows and the Web.

End-users have point-and-click access between Windows applications and the database thanks to WinLink32's support of Microsoft's Open Database Connectivity standard (ODBC).

Developers can incorporate the Windows interface into legacy applications using GUI development tools such as Visual Basic.

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